But remember it was for the best...
It was my time to go.

I know how much you love me...
As much as I love you.


I loved Jan ever since she was a neighbour girl who was a friend of my niece Carol.
So she came to work for me. And stayed many years,
She outgrew me at the same time That I was tired out.

So she purchased my largest location, and carried on to bigger heights with Dexter’s help.
New equipment, all from IBM.

I am so proud of her, as you can imagine. She used to say I taught her everything she knew.

But, Jan had more to offer her business clientele and she performed admirably.

I will love her all of my life. She was very dear to me, but as the years went by, we only were able to find the time to chat by email
And wish each other happy birthday

Leona Sander
We miss you Jan and treasure the wonderful times we shared with you. You lived every moment of your too short life.
Gayle and Con

Gayle Harris and Con Taillon
My heart aches over this news, but I am glad for the friendship however short. Dee and Jan, I will always carry the memory of coffee around the kitchen table getting to know each other. Your friendship is a gift I will treasure always.

Randy Dugger
Our deepest sympathy to you and your family, Dexter. Cherish the memories.

Fred & Frances Jamieson
Jan, always with a smile. I remember fondly dashing back to the green we just played to pick up a forgotten wedge, and almost ending up head first into a very, very deep sand trap. I won't mention who was driving. :) Thank you for your many contributions to the ladies golf club. It is not the same without you.

Linda Novick
You are missed and loved.

John and Lee Florance
Dear Jan,
A long time ago you came to Uruguay with Dexter, we met for the first and only time in Montevideo where we shared a very nice moment. From that day our friendship always continued and every Christmas we wrote to know how we were and shared photos of our families and trips.
But one day I received an email from Dexter and the news was not very nice.
I felt enormous pain, my friend from Canada was gone.
But your smile will always be, and so I will remember you ...
Your friend from Uruguay,

Veronica Sosa
Enjoyed the beautiful pictures. Such lovely memories. What an adventurous lady! I wish we had been given the opportunity to know her longer.

Keith and Lee Fraser
The life of a good person taken way too soon. Jan is missed by many friends and family. Wishing pleasant memories of her time spent enjoying life and helping others.

Larry Lang
We so enjoyed looking at all the pictures - so many happy memories of a life well lived!! We miss you Jan!

Ed and Sharon Wiens
Nick and I consider ourselves fortunate to have know and associated with you. You were very plasant and caring.
We will miss you.

Mary Lashuk
I have many fond memories of the experiences we shared with both you and Dexter. We both shared a passion for kitties as well as dedicated supporters of Ican. I will miss your friendship.

Doedy Ryan
Jan was an inspiration to me with her thoughts on life and with the way she cared for people. Our Thursday ladies golf group will always be named Jan's golf group and I will never forget her kindness. Loved Jan & love you, too, Dexter.

Karen Yoxsimer
A friend since high school. Our memories of times together with you and Dexter for lunches and dinners, hiking, quading, popping the cork at your wedding and many other times to numerous to mention. Your cheerful nature and that wonderful smile will be missed my friend.
Love you.

Pat and Alex McLean
You always brought so much joy and laughter into our lives...Our trips abroad with You and Dexter, Thanksgiving Dinners, and our many golfing experiences...
There are no "goodbyes" for us because you will always be in our hearts...
Love, Burt and Jackie Schaffer

Burt and Jackie Schaffer
We miss our wonderful friend so much. She was an important part of our life here in Sun city. May she rest in peace and know how much she was loved.

Maxine and Lenny Kwatinetz
Bob and I feel honored to be one of Jan's Many friends. She inspired us to live life to its fullest, to be kind and generous to all, because that is who she was. We will miss you, but never forget you. With Love and Blessings to you Jan

Bob and Cheryl Huguley
I don’t know where to start to tell of all the good times we had through the years .
You and Dexter were one of the first couples we met when we arrived in the valley.
What followed were many years of a lot of fun that retired people did, although we had to wait for you to retire.
Jan, you are missed for a lot of reasons but I know you will continue to guide us through the years we have left And know that you impacted our lives .
Rest In Peace

Leroy and Gayleen
I have known Jan from high school! She lived across the street from us in Calgary! We soon became friends, we were both in grade 12. We shared a lot of good times but as the years passed we went our separate ways. I was so lucky to have our visit together in March at Foothills Hospitla. I will cherish those memories forever. When we chatted, the years disappeared. At your request I will share some of our stories tomorrow. We lived together,cried and laughed together, went on holidays together, a true friend.

Jan even though our lives led separate paths, our friendship remained. A true friend is one who accepts you for who you are, is trustworthy and does not tell all the secrets! That is you and the main part of our friendship is that we had fun, over the top fun! Thank you for being my friend always! And as you would say, Hugs!

My deepest condolences to Dexter and family! She always told me you were the best thing that ever came into her life and I agree! She had a deep love of family, and I know you have many great memories! She shared those thoughts again when the last time I saw her!

Carol McQuarrie
Everyone loved Jan. She was kind, and welcoming to everyone at
every situation. I remember in 1988, we had just been transferred to Calgary with IBM and that weekend Jan picked me up and we went off to meet the boys after their mountain hiking adventure. I just thought that was so cool and maybe I could like Calgary after all. Always thinking of others Jan will be missed.

Bruce and Noreen Meyer
We feel so honored to have been one of Jan's Many friends. Jan was inspirational and affected so many lives with her kindness and generosity. We will miss her, but will never forget her. With Blessings & Love Bob & Cheryl

Bob and Cheryl Huguley
Rest in peace sweet one.

Don & Carol Barnett
Jan crammed an immense amount of living into a too short life.

She had an itch for the new and the exciting. In a world where too many resist positive change, Jan was a hyper kinetic change agent; a rolling stone that carried not a speck of mossy green. She kept things forever interesting for those around her, even as she exhausted them along the way.

Jan had a love of and talent for beauty. She would magically transform a previously utilitarian workspace into something that encouraged engagement and left occupants filled with pride. Of course she saved her most inspirational moments for the gorgeous homes she created for herself and her family.

The one thing that never changed was her enduring, lifelong love for Dexter. A lucky man.

Rest peacefully Jan, and God bless.

Phil Soper
Mrs Lindsay, Great Human,will always carry the memories One of the best in my life from the bottom of my heart will always be thankful for your generosity
Love Maria

Maria Ramírez
You welcomed us into your world in the Columbia Valley,
You welcomed us into your world in Palm Desert,
We are forever grateful for your friendship.
A life gone too soon, but the memories we have of our times together,
Will last forever.

Sadly missed by your friends, Lawrence & Judy Miller

Judy Miller
I have the Privilege of Knowing and Working for Mr and Mrs Lindsay for 18 years. I cannot Tell how thankful i am for knowing Jan and Dexter, Really sadden my heart when Jan Left,"My mind Knows your not hearting any more but its hard for my heart to understand"
Losing someone you appreciate, it's painful. Mr Dexter our deepest condolence.

Maria & Gerry Ramirez
Our first trip to Canada to your home was wonderful. We thought we were only staying for a few days but you had made all the arrangements for a 10 day wonderful trip. We visited many wonderful towns, saw many different animals and just enjoyed the scenery. The golf was wonderful up there and our trip to Lake Louise was one of my favorite memories when we hiked up to the little English tea room.

We remember the Thanksgiving at your home when Norbert jumped on the wall and disappeared just as dinner was ready. You both spent the next few hours looking for him while the guests ate dinner without you. We were glad when Norbert turned up the following morning.

You were so good at organizing everything from golf, hikes, biking and eating out. We miss our rides with you very much.

Jan, Rest In Peace and one day we hope to meet again.

Muriel & Murdoch

Murdoch & Muriel Henretty
My memories of Jan, vibrant in her expression, always engaging in her conversation, always focused on who she was speaking with, always abreast of current events, and what I admired and appreciated so much was that Jan was a 'mentor' for so many business women who aspired to accomplish all of what Jan perservered and proved could be...
I will always remember Jan's infectious laugh. Dexter, I am so sorry for this loss of your soul mate. I know you miss her and I know that a life time of memories built together will live on in your heart never to be forgotten. Jan's star flickers in the night sky watching out for you.

Susan and Richard Roskey
What a joy to have known Jan and Dexter for a very long time. We could always share a giggle about the time we all lived at Springs on Twelve! We were able to get together off and on throughout the years and every time was such a pleasure. We thought we had so many more times to share. You were loved by many and are greatly missed.
Wayne and Linda Ludwig.

Wayne and Linda Ludwig
You will be missed my friend.

Jack and Melva Barrault
Jan, you are a beautiful lady inside and out, and you are surely missed.

Brenda Cosca
My thoughts are with you Dexter,Julie and family on this Memorial Day.

Shirley Brown
We wish we could be there.
Jan was such a wonderful person.
We miss seiner across the street. from our home.
May God be with her

Marcia & Jerry

Jerry & Marcia Katler
With fond memories of our times togther in Antartica, USA, Canada, Australia and Greece. Our deepest sympathy to Dexter.

Geoff & Marian Gill
So many fond memories in the desert, but we will always remember our trip to Radium. We actually had to take a day off because we couldn’t keep up with you two. Love always

Ron and Becky Trim
The love shown today from family and friends are the best memories to fill the hole left in your heart. This week, The Springs golf course has had an explosion of dragonflies!

Nancy Parkins
It was a pleasure to have meet you. It was a joy to have been included in your and Dexter's organized group (in the desert) and we are happy to have had the opportunity to visit with you in Radium. Fond memories that we will always cherish. Never forgotten, forever loved.

John and Lydia
Jan. The world has lost a kind and caring person who made all of our lives richer for having known you. Rest In peace and God be with you. Until we meet again. Safe travels. Pat and Darrel
Dexter. We feel your loss and know that you have friends and family who will support you. Take care. Pat and Darrel

Pat and Darrel Kesslering
Susan and I watched your beautiful service, she was particularly sad but felt better with the strength you showed at the end of the service, we have prayed for her soul and that you will continue to remember your partner as the wonderful human being she was.

Murray and Susan Olson
Jan will be missed but never forgotten. The celebration of her life today was very special and the video showcased as Dexter said, "A life well lived"

Bob and Dianne Powers
We both wished that we could have joined you today however we were very pleased that we could participate via the live streaming option. Judy and I met Jan during our IBM days in Calgary. We still recall being recruited by Jan to join the Ski Friends at Lake Louise, which gave her the opportunity to nurture Judy's early days as a fledgling alpine skier. This resulted in a shared Christmas stay in chalet on Tunnel Mountain. Judy and Jan shared a common bond it things needing to be done right and they planned a full on turkey dinner, complete with gravy and all the trimmings, even though the chalet did not have an oven. As you might expect, it went off flawlessly. That season was particularly cold at Lake Louise and we endured shifts with wind chill temperatures over minus 50 farenheit which required some improvisation including double neck warmers and quilted over boots as well as 3 layer mitts. That trip started a friendship that has been sustained even though our career took us to different locations. When we did have an opportunity to get together, we always seemed to be able to pick up where we left off.

We have fond memories of visiting in Radium with golf at the Springs, Hand and Foot Canasta marathons, with Jan mentoring Judy on the finer points so that she could provide the men with a worthy challenge. She took special care of Judy on the golf course to help build her confidence and love of the game. She was especially proud of the outcome of her mentorship when we last got together in Palm Desert where Judy was able to demonstrate her single digit handicap in person. As many have stated, Dexter and Jan were the consummate hosts and generous to a fault. We will always remember parking our RV at the Springs and at Palm Desert as we reconnected in our new career as cad carrying members of the trailer trash fraternity. Jan's cats also managed to tolerate the presence of our Irish Setter, Cooper, invading their territory.

We new Jan as a person that was always up for a challenge and an adventure. Under her warm and soft persona, their was a fearless competitor who focused on the details as well as the outcome. She had the ability to lighten the mood with her trademark gestures including rolling her eyes in mock amazement and responding with her full throated laugh that always managed to elevate the mood. We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to have been able to call Jan a friend and our only regret is that we did not have more opportunities to spend time with her.


Andy & Judy Frost
We were glad to be part of the virtual celebration for Jan. What a wonderful legacy and Jan's example of living life to the fullest is an inspiration. Our heartfelt sympathy goes to the entire Lindsay family.

Alex and Renate MacKenzie
Jan cared about others regardless of whether they were family, friends, acquaintances or strangers. She poured her heart into making life a fun adventure. She gave unselfishly to families in need at Christmas time and entertained those of us who were sometimes orphans during the holidays. She made life exciting and a joy to be experienced. Jan lives on in spirit and we’ll be forever grateful for the many happy memories. Sending our love to both Jan & Dexter.

Kay and Dick Bathurst

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